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Angga Ari Wijaya

I'm a software engineer ready to support for your business solutions

Help you implement your idea such as Website, Games, and Mobile, capable provides professional agile process and tool implementation and facilitation, agile project management and process reengineering services, as well as strategic assessment, roadmap development and rollout services for small corporations and government.

I focus on methodology and delivery. I provide careful analyses and cost-effective solutions tailored to specific contexts. I help you through implementation of agile and tools that support rapid specification, analysis, design, development, test and delivery of high-quality, reliable software applications. I do the right things the right way. I work as freelancer to define and validate strategic and tactical goals.

Experienced consultants are valuable and rare. I’ve got the experts. I have the training and - more importantly - I have the experience.

Pay what you get

Priceless do more

Thanks for your interest in my service. To assist with your purchase and licensing process, I give some preface of how price show up from development process. I know you find cheap product with high quality result, yes I can't realize that requirement but I guarantee you pay what you get, I will work hard to make your idea came true and ready to produce goals what you need.

You pay me per hour or fixed cost depend on our agreement at the first place. You pay when our time table achieved and the features complete until tested each sprint. I hope you understand all risk and consequent of the agreement.

Details of work


I build many things software such as website, game or mobile app, here I give you the big picture of my work and price. The price depend on difficulty or complexity type of work, same field of work maybe has different price. Just contact me for further information because list below is not represent your project detail, maybe more cheap or even can be very expensive.

  • UI/UX Design IDR 1.000K - 20.000K
  • Company Profile Website IDR 1.000K - 30.000K
  • E-commerce website IDR 5.000K - 50.000K
  • News Portal website IDR 3.000K - 50.000K
  • POS & Stock Management App IDR 2.000K - 20.000K
  • Entertainment Game IDR 10.000K - 200.000K
  • Serious Game IDR 30.000K - 300.000K
  • Android App IDR 5.000K - 80.000K

Latest Works


This is my latest project, I hope you can measure your requirement with my capability by look around my works, I hope nothing to showed off or make me over confident.

Infogue Mobile
The Baluran Adventure
Escape The Baluran
Snake and Ladder Chronicles
The Spacer
Business Career The Game
Kemendesa Mailbox
Kemendesa Scheduler
Magic House Catalog
Point of Sale
Inventory App
Solar System
ProShop E-commerce
Mama Masak
Moonlight Accounting
Nonton Apa Ya
Orion Life Saver
Project Hunter
Rocket Science
Alumni Connect
Angga's Web Blog
Dietme Body Control
Sketch Project
Magniva E-Commerce